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Friday, April 26, 2013

Raise your hand if April has been the longest month of your life so far. We've all had our share of complaints about the never ending snow and cold weather. We've also told each other what we were doing 'last year at this time' since it was abnormally warm last spring. But guess what?! April is almost over and so is that blasted winter we couldn't get rid of! No one can complain anymore!

The only sad thing is, Grilled Cheese month is also almost over. Womp wooommp. I know, you're as heart broken as I am. It's ok. I have one more to share with you. That doesn't mean I won't make them anymore this year - it just won't be quite as big of a deal. Or will it?

I had to include this in my 'leftovers' category, because I used up some beef roast that was waiting patiently in the fridge. I soaked it up in some of my favorite bbq sauce and slow cooked it for about 4 hours. I then caramelized some onions that I already had sliced up from a previous meal - caramelized onions are the best.

Once my ingredients were ready, I got out some cheese - American slices (I know, I rarely even have that in my fridge) and some Prairie Rose from Milton Creamery (Swiss-style). I stacked everything together and made a delicious, heart-warming grilled cheese. No sides needed.

Did you make any grilled cheese sandwiches this month? Share your favorites with us!


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