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Friday, February 15, 2013

My husband came in this afternoon and asked if I had any plans for lunch or if we were just eating leftovers. While we have a few meals frozen in the freezer, I decided to at least make an effort at something good. It's also Lent, so that decreased our options.

We have a ton of cheese. We always do. Fortunately, we also had some bread that needed to get used up or it'd be tossed. So I made a grilled cheese sandwich with sliced pear, sliced dried figs and brie. It could have used some sort of jam as well, but I got the thumbs up from my other half. Want it to look like a panini, but don't have a panini maker? Layer on some cast-iron pans. They'll squish the crap out of those sandwiches.

Side note: the safety of my child is top priority. Though she may look close to the burner in the photo above, she was perfectly safe and protected.


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