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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ever stare into your freezer at that huge bucket of ice cream or bag of chocolate chip cookies from your grandma (yes, they're better frozen) - just because you REALLY need that something sweet? Well, if you don't - you're lucky. I do it all the time. Sometimes I have both, a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top. As my momma always says - 'you can only gain so much weight in one day'. She's far from being at all overweight, so I'll take her advice.

I have a new suggestion that you just might learn to love. 

My younger sister and I have had the chance to hang out more often than normal now that she's on winter break. I was complaining about this big bag of grapes that I had in the fridge. Mostly because they were starting to go bad and I hadn't eaten one yet. I always have good intentions when grocery shopping, but if they're just a little too soft - I won't eat them. They have to be juicy and crispy. Back to my sister. She was telling me how good frozen grapes taste. It's her favorite snack - and for a college student, that's pretty good. So I tossed the bag in the freezer and forgot about them for about a month.

Don't mind my husband's bottle of Jag in the back. 

I was in search of ideas for supper last night and decided to eat one of those frozen treasures. I don't usually get all crazy about minor things like this, but yum. I'm not sure that I'll ever eat fresh grapes again. They're sweet, crispy (frozen) and guilt-free. 

So if you have a bag of grapes in your fridge right now - toss it in the freezer. Let's just say it's a move towards healthy (sweet) snacking.


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