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Halloween 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello friends. I'm sorry to be neglecting you again. This blog post is about a week late, but let's face it - sometimes you just need time away from the computer. I simply wanted to share some photos with you because well, I'm proud of my Minnesota and cheese pumpkin carvings.  I handed out cheese to the 15 trick-or-treaters again this year and had no complaints. Can you believe it? Kids actually declined my offering last year. I think they're starting to catch on. I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween and are as excited about the upcoming holiday food as I am. Bring it on!
Gotta love caramel apples this time of year - Salem, MA

Go Big 10!

This was my attempt at 'Put A Fork In It' Halloween-style.

Because everything can be related to cheese.


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