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My Favorite Things: 2011 MN State Fair

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This post is long passed due, but I couldn't skip it. The Minnesota State Fair is my life, really. Even when we lived in Vermont, we flew back for the fair. Even when I got my appendix out as an 8th grader the week before, I went for the dairy show to show my registered Holstein winter calf. Even after I had eye surgery as a 7 year old the day of Princess Kay of the Milky Way, I got on that bus. I'm not crazy. I know so many people who wouldn't miss the Minnesota State Fair if their lives depended on it. It's 12 days of awesome food, animals and the best people watching you've ever witnessed.

This year, I had the 'opportunity' to walk around with my sister and two nieces for the day. Imagine walking amongst 60,000 people with a double-long stroller that isn't easy to turn, with a 2 and 4 year old. *smiling*
Our first stop was for a blueberry snow cone. The best deal is in the Horticulture building where you can get them for a dollar. Most places were around $3.00. I personally am not a huge fan of snow cones, so I got an apple cider freeze instead. I know, they're practically the same thing.

We were starting to crave actual food, so we got some Pronto Pups. Pronto Pups are not corn dogs, as they are not covered in a 'corn batter' rather a 'wheat batter'. They're delicious and you can wear the awesome hat while eating one.

Check out that awesome nail polish.
After you attend the Minnesota State Fair for so many years, you start to know what you want to eat and what certain things taste like. This allows you to try new things each year. Though, deep fried cheese curds, candy bars and pickles are still on the top of my list. We decided to go for the pizza on a stick. The stand was over by machinery hill (the pizza on a stick by the beer gardens was not so good, nor picture worthy).  It had cheese, sauce and pepperoni. The dough was awesome - that's honestly what made this so dang good.

It's always good to finish off your day with either a blackberry malt at the Dairy Products building (brought to you by Minnesota's dairy producers). Or a 'half chocolate, half strawberry' shake at the Gopher Dairy Club stand next to the dairy barns.

Two days later, I got to spend the day in the dairy barns helping my sister with her heifer (female dairy animal that is yet to have a calf) and watch her show in the arena. It always brings back great memories of my 4-H years. Maybe I'll get to show again in Open Class, someday.

Whether you come for the food, a concert, the butterheads, or the 4-H'ers. The Minnesota State Fair can't be beat. Whether you'd like to admit to it or not. <- That comment is for my Wisconsin friends.


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