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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You know what's embarrassing? How much time I spent looking for a donut pan. I saw this blog post through my Foodbuzz account and instantly got this anxious crazy feeling. I wanted a donut pan. Now. I don't usually get quite that excited about cooking gear. Yes, I'm a sucker for spending an hour just browsing Bed Bath and Beyond - but I rarely come out with anything. I just like to look. And think. Does that make me weird?

So I check out Target - no donut pan. Bed Bath and Beyond's gotta have it - nope. How about Gordman's (a crazy store with all sorts of gadgets, decorating stuff, etc) - not a chance. I knew King Arthur Flour had a donut pan when I used to stop in the store when I lived in Vermont - plus - I had a gift card for King Arthur Flour. In fact, I knew this all along. There's just something about the search. Not really - I just wanted an excuse to go shopping.

Ok - so I order my donut pan online and anxiously wait its arrival. My poor co-workers had to listen to me all week 'I can't wait to make these blueberry donuts!'  What the Frito - I've gone insane. So I'm working at the farmers market and my husband sends me a text 'you got a box from King Arthur'. Woot woot! I'm pumped, but I don't have time to make donuts until the weekend. Fine.

So here are the photos from my much awaited donut baking day. The recipe can be found here. They're awesome - especially with the orange glaze. In fact, I'm going to go eat one now.


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