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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I love this cornbread pudding recipe. It's from a really old Everyday Food magazine (2004) and it just hits the spot.  Surprisingly, the ingredients say you can use store-bought cornbread (this is Martha, guys) but it's too easy to just whip some up yourself. Simply, follow the directions on the side of a cornmeal can for one batch of cornbread. Note - that I said one batch. If you were to follow Martha's recipe, you will need two batches of cornbread. I've found that one (and cutting the recipe in half), tends to be enough to cover about 3 breakfasts for my husband and I. We typically pour maple syrup or honey on top. It's warm and delicious.

Check out her recipe here - and remember to halve it if you're only making one batch of cornbread!


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