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Monday, January 3, 2011

Eating my ice-cream, without a drop of guilt.
Who wastes their time with New Year resolutions? Is it so we can hold off until the New Year to start that new diet or to be more organized? Let's face it - it was July and you were thinking to yourself "I'll just make that a resolution for next year." You're wasting your time away - act now or don't.  Make your life realistic. If you want to lose weight, stop eating so much, balance your diet and go for a walk.  If you want to read more books, open one up (and finish it).  I may be on a rant - and I somewhat apologize, but I'm tired of watching commercials about diet pills, etc.

One of my best friends and I had a discussion about yearly accomplishments today.  Resolutions tend to be negative and discouraging. Why not reflect on the past year and realize what you've already accomplished?  You may end up reaching more goals just by having this mentality. Here are a few things I accomplished in 2010:

1. Completed a 5k with my husband (his first!) before Summer began
2. Built my own fire pit out of stone left in the backyard
3. Sorted through my clothes and donated the ones I hadn't worn for the past year
4. Added four more pages to my family cookbook - slowly getting there...
5. Planned two company-wide picnics/parties, successfully
6. 8 books!
7. Visited Cape Cod, Montreal, Philly-PA, NYC, MN, WI, Portsmouth-NH+ (I may have to do a post on 2010 travels...)
8. Taste tested over 41 micro-brews (hard work...)

These are just a few - I don't want to brag ;)  I should point out though, that I did make a list last year - and didn't achieve a single one.  I had planned to finish a 10k, complete a book each month of the year, finish my family cookbook... the list goes on. But it's not like I wasn't doing anything...

The point is - even the little things count.  You've achieved a lot and you don't give yourself enough credit.  So this year, instead of making a resolution list, make an accomplished list. I think it will make you smile more.

What have you accomplished in 2010? Share with us - we are each other's inspiration!


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