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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I love my family and I love our traditions. There's nothing more satisfying than to be surrounded by people you love, and who love you. My extended family is rather large as my father has eight brothers and sisters, who all have children. My immediate family isn't very small itself. It's always impossible to catch up with everyone in one day, so thankfully Christmas is only a month away.

Anne Burrell at the 2009 Macy's Thanksgiving Day P-rade
Now that I've married and moved out East, my traditions have slightly changed. We make it home for Christmas-time, but not Thanksgiving as we've decided to make our own traditions. Last year, we attended the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City and this year we headed to Philadelphia.  

Let's just say - there were less crazy adults yelling at us about letting their kids see the parade. Even though we had been sitting there since 5:30am to secure our spot and they showed up five minutes before the parade began. Humph. 

Ok - off my soapbox. 

Instead of writing out a blog post, I decided to provide you with our itinerary for Philly. My husband always has to make itineraries for his work trips, so whenever we go somewhere for the weekend, or extended weekend, we have an itinerary. I kind of like it - it prepares me for what's to come.  This itinerary is updated and filled in with what 'actually' happened on the trip. Enjoy!

Philly Thanksgiving Itinerary

Wednesday November 24:  Michael-Scott-Memorial-Drive-to-Scranton-Area-Day
First Stop:
9:10 pm: Poor Richard's Pub
Wilkes-Barre Holiday Inn Express

Thursday November 25: 
Love (Chocolate) and War (Gettysburg) day
Wake up: Drive towards Hershey, PA
10:00 am: Clench ‘oh-shit’ bar for an hour while driving through a snow storm at 30 mph
12:00 pm: Arrive at Hershey’s Chocolate World to find it doesn’t open until 4pm
12:24 pm: Dinner at Ruby Tuesday (Thank goodness they were open!)
2:48 pm:Take Self-Guided auto tour at Gettysburg national Military Park
About 6 pm: Drive to Philadelphia: about 3 hours with optional drive through Delaware.
9:08 pm: Seafood dinner at Chart House (Miso Glazed Salmon & Boiled Snapper - we recommend the salmon, but the snapper needed more seasoning)
10:39 pm: Holiday Inn Historic District - really nice being just one block from attractions

Friday November 26: History Day

10:00 am: Breakfast at Bain’s Deli (Mac ‘n Cheese and Pastrami)
11:04 am: Independence Hall - where the Declaration and Constitution were created
11:15 am: Congress Hall, where Congress was held while in Philadelphia (1790-1800)
12:00 pm: Constitutional walking tour (75 minutes)
1:07 pm: Ben Franklin Court - where Ben Franklin lived and worked (and first post office)
2:04 pm: Reading Terminal Market (Apple Dumpling at Dutch Eating Place, Turkey Sandwich at some Turkey place, Crab cake sandwich at some Mediterranean place [not so good].)
3:00 pm: Nap

7:34 pm: Monk’s Cafe (Steamed Mussels, Monk Style; Burger with Truffle Cheese & Shittake mushrooms)
8:55 pm: McGillin’s Olde Ale House (since 1860) $5 Bud Light pitchers
9:45 pm: Fadó - Irish bar with good bartenders (with Irish accents)
11:08 pm: Fox and Hound - empty sports bar

Saturday November 27: Alise Day
Morning: Philly Italian Market
9:58 am: George’s Famous - Philly Cheese Steak & Ham, Egg & Cheese sandwich DeBruno’s: Cheese Market. Picked up some aged Gouda
10:45 am: Fante’s: AWESOME kitchen store. Purchased many good things.
11:45 am: The “Rocky” steps: Philadelphia Museum of Art
12:08 pm: Rocky statue (after descending stairs)
1:15 pm: Peeked into Max Brenner’s to decide, “We’re coming back!”
1:30 to 4 pm: Taste of Philly Food Tour
2:07 pm: Joe’s Pizza; Tomato Pie - really pretty good for just bread and sauce  
Philly Pretzel Factory - amazing soft pretzels
2:59 pm: Macy’s (formerly Wanamaker’s) - largest fully functional organ in the world
3:22 pm: Zio’s Pizza; Philly Cheese Steak w/ Cheese Whiz
3:41 pm: Chocolate by Mueller (Reading Terminal Market); Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Famous 4th Street Cookie Co.; Chocolate Chip Cookies (meh.)
4 pm - 6 pm: Shopping
6:30 pm: Dinner at Max Brenner’s (Hot Chocolate w/ Whipped Cream & Baileys, Asian Chicken Salad, Italian Hot Chocolate w/ Baileys, Salmon Burger, S’more Concoction)

Sunday November 28: Drive Day
5:30 am Leave Philly and head for Massachusetts
6:15 am Stop at rest stop for Cinnabuns & coffee
9:30 am Home! (Time to decorate for the holidays!)


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