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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pike's Place Market. This is a food-lover's dream come true. There is fresh food and flowers everywhere.

Let's not forget the fish market that's famous for throwing fish around to entertain the crowd: 

I badly wished that I was living nearby so I could buy all the fresh produce I wanted. Unfortunately, that wouldn't have made any sense. I did buy some chocolate linguine (yeah, you read correctly). I'm really excited to make something with it, so stay tuned for a post on that.  Ok. Can we talk about lunch now? We stopped at Fisherman's Seafood Restaurant. I had a wonderful open-faced sandwich with cheese, crab and sourdough bread. It was fabulous. My co-worker had some kind of chicken fajitas that looked wonderful.

Cheese, crab meat and more cheese...
We also checked out a harbor cruise in order to learn a little bit more about Seattle. Did you know that Seattle actually doesn't get that much rain? It merely rains consistently, but not necessarily in volume. Dang the people who keep telling us otherwise.

Ok, here comes the good stuff. Just across the road from Pikes Place Market is Beecher's Cheese. Beecher's makes a variety of cheddars (good ones, I might add) and has an absolute stunning location. Right on the corner of Pike and Pine, folks can simply walk past on the sidewalk and have the opportunity to view the cheesemaking process. We're still unsure where they actually pump the milk in, but it was an impressive set-up.

Preparing for a television shoot...

Next, off to DeLaurentis - a fine food & wine shop just off of Pike's Place Market. I don't have much to say about it, other than that it makes you drool when you walk through. With over 250 different cheeses from around the world and dried meats and pastas - it's a must see. 

This post focused on photos more than anything - if you have questions about anything in my photos or would like more information - just ask!


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