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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do you ever get home from work and think - "I just want something that will fill me up; I'm starving!" Well this is the meal for you. I found this recipe by following Alouette on Twitter. They call it 'Herbed Chicken in Pastry Recipe'. I think that's really original, so I'm going to come up with a new name for it. How about 'Undercover Chicken Lover' or 'Pastry Surprise', no that sounds bad. Whatever you want to call it, it's delicious. The Alouette cheese melts in your mouth with the slight crunch of the pastry dough. I made sweet potato fries to go along with the chicken. They're always a big hit.

If you have the chicken and puff pastry thawed out and ready to go by the time you get home, it takes no time at all. In fact, you could have the chicken grilled or cooked ahead of time if you'd like. Ok, here it goes:

Heavenly Herbed Chicken in Pastry
(creative, don't you think?)

Makes 4

4 boneless chicken breast halves
2 T. butter
1/2 pkg. puff pastry (1 sheet)
1 egg
1 T. water
1 4oz pkg Alouette Garlic & Herbs
1/4 c. chopped fresh parsley

1| Preheat oven to 400*F.

2| Season chicken with salt and pepper if desired. Melt butter in skillet. Add chicken and cook until browned. Remove chicken. Cover and refrigerate 15 min. or up to 24 hours.

3| Thaw pastry sheet at room temperature 30 minutes. Mix egg and water. Unfold pastry on lightly floured surface. Roll into 14" square and cut into 4 (7") squares.

4| Spread about 2 T. of the Alouette Spreadable Cheese in center of each square. Sprinkle with 1 T. parsley and top with cooled chicken.

5| Brush edges of squares with egg mixture. Fold each corner to center on top of chicken and seal edges. Place seam-side down on baking sheet. Brush with egg mixtures.

6| Bake 25 minutes or until golden.

*Sweet Potato Fries Recipe Below

Alise's Sweet Potato Fries

Serves 2-3

1 Large sweet potato
1 T. Thyme
1 T. Pepper
1 tsp. Salt
2 T. Olive Oil

1| Cut sweet potato into fry-like wedges (make as small or big as you'd like, cooking time will vary). Then evenly spread out on a large baking sheet.
2| Sprinkle olive oil over fries and coat the fries evenly with hands (this is great for your skin, really.)
3| Now sprinkle thyme, salt and pepper evenly over fries.
4| Place in a 400*F oven for about 20-25 minutes. Stirring half-way through.
5| Eat'm up.


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